Date & Time: Sunday, 19 June 2016 2:00pm
Location:Memorial Hall, UNB Fredericton
Cost:General $20 | Student $10

Historically, classical music in New Brunswick was performed in only a few settings in the early days. Most likely this would have included the major port of Saint John and possibly the major military garrisons such as in Fredericton. It was consumed by the upper classes of the military and well to do merchants.

Some of the first NB composers include Stephen Humbert of Saint John who composed hymn tunes for the first book of music published in Canada in the early 1800s. He was followed by Bishop John Medley, of Fredericton, who made his mark on New Brunswick through his church building as well as his music.

Join Atlantic Sinofnia as they perform the music of New Brunswick composers such as Eldon Rathburn, Janis Kalnins, Richard Kidd, and Tomy Nicholson.