Press Release

Oct 24, 2012

A maritime tour is planned for the Fall of 2013 as part of the celebrations surrounding the War of 1812. The project focuses on the music of one individual – John Carroll who was the band leader at Fort Niagara, and a composer. The music is not known in Canadian or Canadian music history, so it will create a new body of knowledge and awareness adding a new chapter to the social history of the War of 1812. The project has unique regional and national significance and will leave a legacy of resources available to students, the general public and interested musicians. Canadians will, for the first time, learn about an important composer in the history of the country.

This is a research, composition and public performance project that will recreate music from the period of the War of 1812 that would have been heard in Canada during that time. The music would be that of the officers and used for recreation, ceremony and dancing. Music will be reconstructed from archival holdings and will include works such as ‘The Siege of Quebec’ (c. 1795),  ‘The Death of General Wolfe’, ‘How Stands the Glass Around’ (written by General Wolfe) and the ‘Canadian Boat Song’ from the period. These works will be complimented with works from the American perspective including adaptations of ‘Trip to Canada Contre Dance’ and ‘Jackson’s Welcome Home’ (archived music from the Colonial Music Institute).

Shows are generally available for booking throughout the Fall to Spring Season. Contact for further information.

Recent Accomplishments:

-Atlantic Sinfonia is responsible for the educational book: “A Musical Legacy: A Celebration of Fredericton and New Brunswick Composers” which was created as part of the City of Fredericton’s Cultural Capitals of Canada initiative in 2009.

-Atlantic Sinfonia presented a special concert of music for Congress 2011 of the Humanities and Social Sciences.  The event attracted approximately 6000 delegates.

-Atlantic Sinfonia headlined the official opening of The Richard J. CURRIE CENTER. The wellness facility combines UNB recreation with cutting-edge research for both local residents and the university community.

-Atlantic Sinfonia recently played at the ECMA’s in Moncton this past April.

-Atlantic Sinfonia recently played at Contact East which was held in Fredericton from September 19th-23rd. Contact East is a performer’s showcase bringing the very best of Atlantic Canadian talent, in theatre, music, and dance, to gather and showcase their work for regional, national and international buyers in attendance. This year Contact East 2012 marks the event’s 21st edition.


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